7 Steps For improving workplace mental health

The mental health of employees is of paramount importance more now than ever, with many employees having less time socialising and an increasing lack of routine.

Employers have a duty of care to support their employees, so we’ve created a list for managers to implement in the workplace.

How can you help your employees’ mental health?

 1. Eating right. The food we put into our bodies becomes the fuel on which it runs. We are wise to make sure it is the right kind of fuel at every meal. Are you making sure that your staff are aware of the balanced food options available around or in the workplace? Be sure that your employees are getting a good amount of protein in their diets so that their minds stay clear and their bellies are supported with the right nutrients.

2. Exercise. According to recent studies, people who exercise regularly report to be happier, calmer, and better equipped to handle whatever the day decides to throw at them. Interestingly enough, the study seemed to indicate these benefits were experienced on a day-to-day basis. This means that in order to have a healthier workforce, it is a great idea to offer exercise incentives for your staff, or even organise morning yoga for the building! Just 20-minutes a day can make a huge difference.

3. One task at a time. We all have projects, work, and requirements – things that we need to accomplish. It’s important to consider that employees could get overwhelmed by their to-do list being longer than a days work. But to make the most of their time, making sure that staff are trained to start with one of that larger tasks, to make the day ‘get easier’ as it goes on is a brilliant way to reduce workplace stress and increase a feeling of accomplishment.

4. Keeping up with hobbies. Apart from the day-to-day requirements of living life, make sure that your employees are setting aside time outside of the workplace to pursue their dreams, goals, and hopes. Everyone needs to have hobbies that they love and activities that breathe life into who they are, even if these aren’t work-related, everyone deserves the time to have fun.

5. Rest effectively. Rest is essential to our bodies, as much as food and water and air. Our bodies need to be refreshed on a daily and weekly basis. Making sure that your employees have time to get adequate rest day-to-day, and taking their annual leave is so important to keeping mental health stable and thriving. Not to mention, rest is vital for effective work to be done too. Overworking staff never pays off.

6. Nourishing the soul. Our lives are more than flesh and blood. They are also the mind, heart and soul. But time is needed to make sure employees and employers are able to feel the present and nurture themselves.

7. Reset those batteries. Tomorrow is another day with great potential and opportunity. Everyone knows that if there’s ever a ‘bad’ day at work that the slate needs to be wiped clean to avoid feeling distressed later in the week. Make sure that any possible tension is left in the past so that everyone feels refreshed and the office is a sanctuary not somewhere where people feel anxiety.


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