World Mental Health Day

On World Mental Health Day we want to share Ten Top Tips to Enhance Wellbeing with you. Why don’t you make it your objective to do at least three of these things today?

  1. Keep active – this increases your overall energy levels and enhances mood
  2. Maintain a structure to your day
  3. Recognise daily achievements – no matter how small
  4. Do things you enjoy – plan these into your schedule
  5. Be realistic about what you can do
  6. Reach out  – speak to family and friends
  7. Catch unhelpful thoughts and ask yourself am I confusing fact with fiction?
  8. Stay in the moment – notice your surroundings
  9. Be compassionate towards yourself
  10. Apply the same advice to yourself that you would give to a colleague, friend or loved one

Happy World Mental Health Day!

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