Tanya Woolf

Head of Psychological Services

Tanya joined Onebright in 2013 as a consultant counselling psychologist with over 15 years experience in the NHS.


  • MA Psychotherapy & Counselling
  • Postgraduate Diploma Psychology
  • Postgraduate Diploma CBT
  • MA (Hons) Classics
  • HCPC Registered
  • UKCP Registered (Supervisor and Practitioner)
  • BABCP Accredited (Supervisor and Practitioner)
  • CMC Accredited Mediator (Workplace and Civil & Commercial)


Tanya joined Onebright in 2013 as a consultant counselling psychologist with over 15 years experience in the NHS. After starting initially as a part-time clinician, she developed a clinical leadership role after 18 months. Tanya is now responsible for the clinical delivery of services in London and across the UK, leading the clinical governance to ensure safe and effective practice. In this role, she supports clinicians working in Onebright London bases and clinics across the UK, including the clinical leaders of the IAPT service which Onebright co-delivers.

During her time in the NHS, Tanya worked for over six years as Head of Community Psychological Services, leading all adult primary and secondary care community psychological services for Redbridge within the North East London NHS Foundation Trust.  She worked with adults in the full range of NHS settings, from primary care to acute wards.  After practising as an integrative therapist for many years, Tanya has specialised in CBT since 2008.  She is a registered and accredited supervisor with 20 years’ experience and also teaches and provides consultancy.

Before training in psychological therapies, Tanya held a career in media research, marketing and sales, where she worked in advertising and financial services.  She has also worked as a professional writer, agony aunt and in the advertising, construction and careers advice sectors. 

Tanya has been a consultant counselling psychologist for over ten years and is also an accredited mediator.

Tanya enjoys working with individuals, couples and groups.  She has extensive experience of treating a wide variety of anxiety and mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder, social and specific phobias, OCD, general anxiety, PTSD, couples and relationship distress. 

With a background in business and careers, Tanya also has a particular interest in the impact of work on our wellbeing and vice versa. She has coached some corporate executives and business owners to improve performance while working fewer hours per week and has helped others to improve organisational/business performance and solve staffing challenges.

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