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Onebright is a personalised on-demand mental healthcare company, building a brighter way to provide life-changing support for people around the world.
Our mission is to be a leading UK and international specialist provider of mental health services.

We believe that everyone should have access to the right mental health treatment, wherever and however they need it.

Onebright is building a new way to deliver mental healthcare for employees and their dependents around the world – investing in clinical expertise and technology solutions to deliver a complete mental healthcare service at scale.

We support corporate businesses, private medical insurers, SMEs, occupational health teams, group income protection providers, healthcare professionals and individuals. Already the biggest provider of outpatient mental healthcare in the UK, we are on a journey to become the leading mental health provider internationally.

Who we help

We combine evidence-based therapies and a world-class clinical network with cutting edge digital technology to support more than 200 clients and over 40,000 people a year.

We work with everyone from insurance providers and employers to GPs and individuals to get people the support they need to feel better.

Invest in your team

Different mental health problems affect people in different ways, and it is key to understand an individual’s experience. Our diagnostic approach tailors support for those most at risk to help target interventions based on need.

We provide robust training on mental health for your workforce to build skills and awareness, lessen stigma, reduces absenteeism and staff turnover, and help to create a positive working environment.

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Innovation and technology

As the mental health needs of the global population grow, Onebright is investing in cutting edge digital technology, data science and artificial intelligence (AI).

We are introducing new digital tools to accurately assess, triage and match people to improve mental health treatment and to help personalise therapy so it is more effective, helping people feel better, quicker.

What we offer
Our approach


We are outcome focused and our specialist customer support teams offer rapid access to online, phone or face to face assessment to match people to the right therapist and treatment for them.
Our story

End-to-end digital pathway

We offer a seamless platform leveraging data and technology to deliver superior client experience, outcomes and values.
Digital innovation

Mental health specialists

Our exclusive focus is on mental health and we have deep relationships with academic and clinical thought leaders. We develop innovative new pathways optimising efficiency through digital solutions.
What drives us

Governance and compliance

Our team of mental health clinicians includes consultant psychiatrists, counsellors and therapist. Our data driven approach provides organisations with measurable results, helping them achieve their aims.

UK's leading clinical network

We bring together experienced experts in mental health and a network of over 3,000 clinicians providing treatment in 49 languages. Our industry-leading clinical governance structure is supported by a highly-advanced digital technology platform.
Clinical excellence

Leadership and people

We are a committed, passionate and professional team of over 200 staff members, led by experienced clinicians. The size of our world-class clinical network means we can offer scalable, responsive support from prevention through to therapeutic care.
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The best care
Highly personalised on-demand care delivering a wide range of treatments
Support at scale
A world-class clinical network supported by rigorous clinical governance
Combining expert clinicians with cutting edge digital technology

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