We are Onebright

The personalised mental healthcare company building a brighter way to provide life-changing support for people around the world. We work with everyone from insurance providers and companies to GPs and individuals to get people the support they need to feel better.

Onebright is the leading provider of private outpatient mental health services across a continuum of care and the leading outpatient mental healthcare company in the UK for patient referrals. We remain exclusively focused on mental health – dedicating all our energy and investment into improving end-to-end services for your employees’ mental health.

We combine evidence-based therapies and a world-class clinical network with cutting edge digital technology to support over 40,000 people a year and count more than 200 UK businesses as clients.
Our story
Formed in 2021, Onebright is the coming together of three leading mental health companies – CBT Clinics, Efficacy, and Moving Minds. We are stronger, brighter and better together, united in our aim to build a new way to deliver mental health care for people around the world.
Our story
What drives us
Our vision is to be a leading UK and international specialist provider of mental health services for clinicians and clients. We’re driven by four core values which underpin our expertise and forward looking, compassionate approach to delivering mental health support at scale.
What drives us
Digital innovation
We are investing in technology, artificial intelligence and data science to create highly personalised, on-demand services. From our virtual therapy room to online triage and personalised therapist and treatment matching, we are continually improving outcomes for all.
Digital innovation
Support at scale
The size of our world-class clinical network means we can offer scalable, responsive support from prevention through to therapeutic care. We match individuals to the right treatment and therapist, wherever and whenever they need it.
Our clinical network
Our governance
We are trusted by the biggest healthcare and insurance brands to care for their members and clients. So we take our governance responsibilities very seriously – from how we safeguard your data, to how we ensure clinical excellence and safety at all times.
Clinical excellence
Our world class clinicians live and breathe what they do and are committed to clinical excellence. We focus on outcomes – supporting people to feel better. We can prove this because we use evidence-based tools to assess progress and outcomes.
Clinical excellence and impact
We work with great clients
From big multinationals and large insurance providers, to small companies and individuals, we are trusted to work with a wide range of people and organisations to improve mental health.
Who we work with
Bupa, mental health insurance
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