Who we partner with

Onebright’s mission is to ensure mental health support is readily available to people who need it. Regardless of how individuals start their treatment with us, our wide variety of partnerships alongside insurers, occupational health teams, and healthcare providers make accessing quality mental health care even more straightforward.

Onebright mental health

Private medical insurers

We work with a number of the biggest private medical insurers in the UK, providing essential coverage and care to their members who require evidence-based mental health support.

Healthcare professionals

Whether you’re a GP, physiotherapist, consultant or other healthcare professional, we can help you provide compassionate, affordable and evidence-based mental health support for your patients.

Group income protection

We have a proven track of record of partnering with group income protection providers to provide their clients with a range of evidence-based treatments – fast.

Occupational healthcare

We are the trusted partner of occupational health teams like yours, providing rapid access to treatment for your staff and training in mental health for your entire organisation.

Personal injury providers

Every week, our national network of experienced clinicians around the UK treats hundreds of people that need mental health support following an accident or injury.

Employee assistance programmes (EAP)

Onebright provides EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) services in the UK and are experienced in supporting all types of organisations.

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