Our Story

Brighter together

Formed in 2021, Onebright is the coming together of three leading mental health companies – CBT Clinics, Efficacy, and Moving Minds. The new company brings together nearly 50 years of combined experience in mental health and a network of over 3,000 clinicians providing treatment in 49 languages. We are stronger, brighter and better together, united in our aim to build a new way to deliver mental healthcare for people around the world.

The Onebright story

Our history

The Onebright story started over 15 years ago with the launch of CBT Clinics. The company built a network of high-quality clinicians, establishing CBT Clinics as a leading provider of services for the insurance, private medical and corporate sectors.

Investing in digital

We focus on digital innovation and our mission is to become the world leading mental healthcare provider. CBT Clinics combined with Moving Minds in 2019, and Efficacy came on board in 2020, allowing us to scale our service and widen our offering.

Clinical expertise

All three companies were founded by leading clinicians seeking ways to make mental healthcare better and more accessible and this partnership with clinical talent is developing new ways to offer innovative, scalable and international mental health support.

Continuing the journey

As a result, Onebright now has one of the largest networks of specialist clinicians in the UK, and an industry-leading clinical governance structure. It is supported by a highly-advanced digital technology platform that is creating new benchmarks in mental healthcare for all. Onebright intends to become the leader in mental healthcare worldwide.
"As we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, the world faces a mental health crisis. The scale of the challenge for individuals and employers is immense. It demands a new approach to mental healthcare. The next chapter of the Onebright story will be about meeting that need. We are building a global mental health offering using our distinctive combination of clever technology and a world-class network of clinicians."
What drives us
Our vision is to become the world’s leading provider of life-changing mental healthcare. We’re driven by four core values which underpin our expertise and forward looking, compassionate approach to delivering mental health support at scale.
Our vision & values
Digital innovation
We are investing in technology, artificial intelligence and data science to create highly personalised, on-demand mental health services. From our virtual therapy room to online triage and personalised therapist and treatment matching, we are continually improving outcomes for all.
Digital Innovation
Support at scale
The size of our world-class clinical network means we can offer scalable, responsive support from prevention through to therapeutic care. We match individuals to the right treatment and therapist, wherever they are in the UK.
Who we help
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