Our clinical excellence and impact

Our mental health support changes lives

Clinical excellence and strong clinical governance are non-negotiables when you are trusted by over 40,000 people a year, as Onebright is. By focusing on results, we have built a reputation as a mental health provider that can be trusted to help people feel better.

We use NHS-approved methods for tracking mental health to focus and evaluate therapy. These tools give us evidence to show the impact of our work.

Outstanding outcomes for businesses

What we offer employers
return to functioning (exceeds IAPT average of 45-55%)
said they had choices regarding treatment
said we addressed their difficulties
Measurable results
We drill down rigorous data into regular, easy-to-digest reports highlighting everything from common presenting problems to average number of sessions. This provides organisations with measurable results, helping them achieve their aims.
Cutting edge technology
At Onebright, we support our world class clinicians with smart technology so we can continually improve. We are investing in artificial intelligence technology to help focus and tailor therapy so it is more effective, helping people feel better, quicker.
Our digital innovation
Extensive clinical network

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