Extensive clinical network

Support at Scale

Onebright is striving to build the leading global employee mental health solution. Our group has spent the last 20 years building up our world class clinical network supported by rigorous clinical governance.

The size of our network and the breadth of therapies we offer ensures we can see people online or face to face, wherever they live in the UK as well as internationally, whatever their need.

Whether you’re looking for mental health support for your business and employees, self, or a client, we are able to source help quickly from professionals you can trust.

We match over 40,000 people a year with a clinician that is right for them so they can start seeing them quickly.
We offer treatment in 49 languages, access to 3,000 therapy venues around the UK and 10 years’ experience of delivering remote therapy.
Our network of 3,000 experienced clinicians includes everyone from psychiatrists and CBT practitioners to trainers and psychotherapists.
Our in-house clinical team has over 60 employed clinicians and a further 110 support staff who oversee our services and provide clinical expertise to clinicians.
Our case management team makes personal matches so people that need mental health support now get the right treatment for them.
With access to such diverse expertise, our teams can find the best clinician for each individual's needs in your business. We are outcome focused and have international delivery capabilities.
Our story
The Onebright story started 15 years ago with the launch of CBT Clinics. In 2021, CBT Clinics combined with two other expert mental health providers – Efficacy and Moving Minds – to form Onebright. We are building a new way to deliver mental healthcare for people around the world.
The Onebright story
What drives us
Our vision is to become the world’s leading provider of life-changing mental healthcare. We’re driven by six core values which underpin our expertise and forward looking, compassionate approach to delivering mental health support at scale.
What drives us
Digital innovation
We are investing in technology, AI and data science to create highly personalized, on-demand mental health services. From our virtual therapy room to online triage and superior matching of patient to therapist to treatment we are continually improving outcomes for all.
Digital Innovation
Clinicial excellence and impact

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