Occupational mental healthcare

Supporting you and your staff's mental health

We work with occupational health providers like yours to help you support your clients by offering access to a range of mental health services. By responding to signs of mental distress early, you can help your client employees recover while being able to function at work. Whether it’s mental health training sessions for line managers and employees, or therapy for staff that are struggling. We have a proven track record of partnering with occupational health teams to help people get back to work and increase productivity.

Fast access to mental health support

Clinical excellence and strong clinical governance are non-negotiables when you are trusted by over 30,000 people a year, as Onebright is. By focusing on results, we have built a reputation as a mental health provider that can be trusted to help people feel better. You can trust our clinicians to get people the tailored mental health support they need to get back to work. We will work with you to ensure people are receiving the right mental health support and training and work in partnership with you to deliver valuable insights and data, allowing you to meet your KPIs.

Onebright mental health for employers

Why choose Onebright

Provide support with case progress and reporting needs

Dedicated point of contact for mental health management referrals and access to a dedicated case management team

Access to the UK’s largest network of mental health professionals

UK’s largest network of mental health professionals covering all modalities of CBT, counselling and EMDR both face to face and remote

Digital innovation

Cutting edge technology platform providing a simple and efficient referral process and insight reports highlighting everything from common presenting problems to average numbers of sessions, helping you better support your team

Diverse therapies

We provide access to a wide choice of evidence-based therapies from accredited clinicians, including CBT, psychotherapy, EMDR and psychiatric support, delivered online and face to face
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