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Earlier this year, the CIPD and Simplyhealth released worrying new findings on the state of workplace stress in the UK. With mental ill-health costing the UK more than 94bn every year, leading CBT provider Onebright is now urging corporations to provide adequate mental health support to their employees if they want to boost productivity and company culture.

As an organisation that specifically provides training and awareness raising programmes to companies looking to invest in their employee’s mental health, Onebright strongly advocates corporate wellness.

When appropriately implemented, corporate wellness schemes can increase employee retention, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism and a workplace that is engaged and healthy are better equipped to handle the growing demands of a business.

Interestingly, 50 percent of employees say that they would overlook a 10 percent pay rise and choose a company that cared about their wellbeing, proving that companies stand to retain top talent by simply implementing mental wellness provisions.

Although UK organisations are more likely to offer employees mental health support than their global counterparts, only 36 percent of UK businesses have mental health programmes in place.

This is something Onebrightis determined to change. Onebright believes that corporate wellness should no longer be a nice perk for employees but instead be a fundamental practice, woven into their business strategy and overall culture.

Onebright works closely with HR and OH teams to support organisations when it comes to addressing absenteeism and more importantly, putting support processes in place for employees returning to work following long periods of absence.

When it comes to Onebright’s success rates, the results speak for themselves. The firm has helped support several organisations over many different sectors; from corporate organisation, rehabilitation services, occupational health, HR organisations, PMI, statutory services throughout the UK.  Across all organisations, Onebright implements their specific wellness schemes and have an 87 percent recovery rate for people who have completed therapy with them.

Discussing the importance of corporate wellness and how Onebright support organisations in this area, Onebright’s Director Lee Grant says

 “We are not a directory or a network.  Our success has grown from an absolute focus on recovery with evidence-based practices that are well defined and staying true to our core competency.  We have been able to translate the evidence base into a meaningful pathway of care in different organisation that are monitored within a tight clinical governance process.  This all aids meaningful reporting, on what we are doing, and helps us to learn together.”

If you suspect you might be suffering from work-related stress, or know someone that is, and would like to find out how Onebright could help.

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