Employee assistance programmes

Enhance employee wellbeing

Onebright provides EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) services in the UK and are experienced in supporting all types of organisations. We can partner with you to deliver a cost effective, strategic workforce tool that enhances employee wellbeing and resilience.

The demand for mental health services is ever increasing and evolving. Counselling alone is no longer sufficient to meet demand. We can offer services outside traditional EAP counselling services; including a wide range of therapies, psychiatric services, and support neurodiversity to foster a more inclusive workforce.

Onebright mental health

A fully integrated solution

We have an Employee Assistance Programme solution that fits all corporate requirements. We also offer bespoke services dependent upon the specific needs of your client/business. The service is available 24/7, is completely confidential and delivers a support service that provides help, guidance, and access to trained professionals.

Onebright mental health

Evolving services

Onebright can offer a fully integrated wellbeing solution for your members, delivering excellent ROI, clinical standards, and recovery outcomes. Our tech platform integrates into existing customer/client journeys providing seamless access to assessments, onward care, treatment pathways and insights using relevant data.

Onebright mental health services

Why choose Onebright

UK’s largest network of mental health professionals

Access to the UK’s largest network of mental health professionals covering all modalities of CBT, counselling and EMDR both face to face and remote

Digital innovation

Innovative technology platform providing simple and efficient referral process

Support at scale

Reliability at scale with a partner who has a good network, easy operational model (to reduce your costs) and can help you design new products

We match individuals to the right treatment

Peace of mind that your clients/members will be matched to the right care first time, providing unrivalled member experience and clinical outcomes
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