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Our training and consultancy services help organisations to build a healthier workforce. A portfolio of over 80 training modules is delivered by seasoned clinicians and academics, covering everything from the importance of sleep and diet to the impact of Covid-19 on mental health. We work with the C-suite and managers to ensure their workforce receives a tailored service, including face-to-face, remote, and e-learning content.

Invest in your team

Did you know that poor mental health collectively costs UK employers up to £45 billion each year? Whether you are a small company or large corporate employer, we can provide targeted mental health training for any part of your workforce. We also offer board level reporting on insights, trends and risks for your organisation, and workforce screening to identify problems with staff mental health before they happen. This helps you put a complete safety net in place.

With over 80 training modules to choose from, training packages can be tailored to suit your business and delivered remotely or face to face in a number of formats. From quick lunchtime sessions for all staff to detailed learning programmes for managers.

The Onebright difference

Most training providers are training-only companies, wellbeing specialists or large groups who cover the whole of healthcare. Onebright is differentiated as we are true experts in mental health. We purposefully choose not to dilute our expertise by expanding to other health services, making us niche in the market.

At Onebright we work with mental health clinicians who are experts in research and corporate mental health. The specific expertise of our trainers inspires trust, encourages open dialogue around mental health and effectively upskills an employee’s ability to support issues with mental health in the workplace.

Our approach

Onebright’s training methodology is based on the Kolb Learning Model, which is a goal-directed and behaviour-learning approach. It is built on a concept that involves distinct stages of concrete learning, reflective observation and abstract conceptualisation and active experimentation. From a training perspective, this means that delegates acquire skills, knowledge, and the ability to apply what is learnt to a range of situations and scenarios.

During Covid-19 we have harnessed digital training and collaboration tools – including the creative use of Miro, Invision, Mentimeter and use of breakout rooms with multiple facilitators for Zoom and MS Teams. The content is population specific, which provides a richer learning experience and resonates with the audience. Population-specific variables are derived through qualitative and quantitative thematic data analysis.

Featured courses

Our training modules cover everything from the importance of sleep and diet to the impact of Covid-19 on mental health. Here are six of our most popular courses.

Managing Covid-19
Develop coping mechanisms to withstand disruption and thrive despite adversity.
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Stress management
Recognise triggers to stress and learn how to manage your symptoms.
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Learn to be present, focus more and develop techniques for a mindful approach to living.
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Leading through change
Learn about leading in times of transition and develop tips and tools for successful organisational change.
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Managing mental health in the workplace
Understand common signs and symptoms and how to provide support.
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Understand what resilience is and how to enhance your personal resilience skills to stay mentally healthy.
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Meet our expert trainers
Our specialist team of trainers is made up of clinicians and academics, many of whom also have international business experience. Depending on your training needs, we can match trainers to your organisation based on their background and specialisms. Here are some of the team.
Shamira Graham
Shamira leads Onebright’s Corporate Solutions business which provides specialist consultancy on wellbeing strategy and evidence based mental health pathways for corporate organisations. She has been with the Onebright team (Formally Efficacy) since 2008 and has been working in mental health research and clinical practice for over 15 years.
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Professor Spada
Professor of addictive behaviours and mental health at London South Bank University, Marcantonio Spada is the author of over 150 peer-reviewed scientific articles and three books. Before retraining as a psychologist, he worked as an investment analyst in the banking sector.
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Claire Price
Clare Price
Clare is Onebright's Head of Psychological Services. She is a CBT psychotherapist and supervisor and has worked as a mental health professional for 28 years. She began as a mental health nurse, then spent 17 years specialising in CBT. She has also been a university lecturer and has wide experience delivering training and consultancy in large corporations.
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ROI 5-6x return on investment in training
High volume 350+ training sessions delivered every year
High rating 97% of participants rated their facilitator 4.5/5

The Onebright difference

The knowledge of the presenter was exceptional giving real scenarios and situations, listening to our case information, and positively providing guidance.
Onebright course participant
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