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Mental Health Training

A brighter approach to prevention

Our targeted or whole of workforce training services help organisations to build a healthier workforce. We work across organisations to ensure their workforce receives a tailored service, including face-to-face, remote, gamified and e-learning content and have a positive impact on the company’s culture.

Featured courses

A large portfolio of training courses is delivered by seasoned clinicians and academics, covering everything from managing mental health in the workplace, the importance of sleep and diet, stress management, resilience, and the impact of change management on mental health.

• What is resilience and how does it develop?
• Human reactions to stressors
• Defining your personal resilience
• Practical tips and exercises for enhancing resilience
Stress management
• Understanding what leads to stress
• Identifying signs and symptoms
• Practical tips and exercises for managing stress
• Peer support
Change management
• Understanding the impact of change on yourself and others
• Acknowledgement, adjustment and acceptance
• Building resilience
• Embracing a future-focused culture
On-site training
With an extensive range of training modules to choose from, training packages can be tailored to suit your business and delivered face to face or remotely in a number of formats. From quick lunchtime sessions for all of the workforce to detailed learning programmes for managers.
Virtual training
Our virtual training platform includes a Corporate Insights Tool, a highly flexible, configurable e-learning platform and employee wellbeing and self-help materials. This platform will host a varied series of mental health e-learning modules developed by leading clinicians and academics.
ROI 5-6x return on investment in training
High volume 350+ training sessions delivered every year
High rating 97% of participants rated their facilitator 4.5/5

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