Mental Health Training

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Enable your workforce to develop life enhancing techniques to cope with daily life pressures at work and home. Our popular courses guide and support robust mental health training for all.

Managing the impact of Covid-19 on mental health
• Education on impact of Covid19 since March 2020
• Predictions
• Self-care
• Recognising signs in others
• Signposting and support options
Stress management
• Understanding what leads to stress
• Identifying signs and symptoms
• Practical tips and exercises for managing stress
• Peer support
• What is resilience and how does it develop?
• Human reactions to stressors
• Defining your personal resilience
• Practical tips and exercises for enhancing resilience
Looking after yourself: mindfulness and self-care
• Introduction to mindfulness
• Mindfulness exercises to suite varying lifestyles
• Compassion-focused self-care model
• Self-care activities
Change management and leading through change
• Understanding the impact of change on yourself and others
• Acknowledgement, adjustment and acceptance
• Building resilience
• Embracing a future-focused culture
Managing mental health in the workplace – line manager
• Understanding common mental health conditions
• Recognising symptoms in your team
• Having the conversation
• Maintaining boundaries
• Self-care
• What happens during sleep
• The interaction between sleep and mental health
• Understanding your sleep patterns
• Practical tips for improving sleep
Suicide awareness: risk and crisis management for line managers
• Recognising risk
• Actions to take and signposting
• Maintaining boundaries
• Self-care
Connecting with others
• Impact on wellbeing and mental health
• Ways we connect
• Understanding your connections
• Practical tips and exercises for improving connections
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