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We have a proven track record of partnering with group income protection providers to get their members the range of evidence-based treatments they need – fast. The earlier your members experiencing mental health issues get support, the quicker they will feel better and return to work. Our experienced team are used to working with everyone involved in the group income protection claims process, from benefits advisers to rehabilitation teams.

  • A wide network of accredited, outcome-focused clinicians.
  • Support from mental health professionals who have completed our group income protection-focused return to work training.
  • Specialist support to help people who have ‘long Covid’ return to work.

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What we offer


We offer rapid access to online, phone or face to face specialist group income protection assessments which focus on vocational mental health to inform someone's return to work.
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Diverse therapies

We provide access to a wide choice of evidence-based therapies from accredited clinicians, including CBT, counselling, EMDR and psychiatric support, delivered online and face to face.
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Awareness-raising training

Our portfolio of over 80 training modules cover everything from the importance of sleep, to the impact of Covid-19 on mental health. We also offer training on mental health awareness for line managers.
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We can complete a mental health audit for your organisation or your corporate customers and provide insightful data to support your business objectives.
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Other benefits

Dedicated case manager

Your member gets immediate access to a dedicated case manager who will immediately instill hope and support their journey to feeling better.

Personal matching

Following a rigorous assessment process, our team will match your member to one of our world class clinicians, based on clinical need and member choice.

Digital innovation

As the mental health needs of the global population grows, Onebright is investing in cutting edge digital technology, data science and artificial intelligence to improve outcomes for all.

Rigorous data

You’ll get a comprehensive, vocationally-focused assessment five days after we’ve assessed your member and a final report. We also provide referrers with regular, easy-to-digest service delivery reports.

Outstanding outcomes for Group Income Protection

recovery (exceeds 51% NHS recovery benchmark)
felt our mental health support had helped them better understand and address their difficulties
had confidence in their therapist and their skills and techniques
"It's been an eye opener. Jo has listened to me, given me coping skills, structure and clear information that makes sense. I have learned a lot."
Male, 30
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