Providing the data insights you need to make informed decisions

Get up-to-date information on the mental wellbeing of your workforce, any time you want to. Our investment in integrated case management systems allows you to see the latest referral data from multiple sources, identifying anomalies and monitoring trends. This smart use of data helps you better support the teams you look after.

Our insights can help shape policies and procedures to mitigate risks and improve working conditions. Additionally, our reporting capabilities make it easier for businesses to understand and quantify the real cost of employee mental health, allowing businesses to make more informed and clinically backed decisions about how to better support the teams you look after.

Smart impactful insights

Our technology-driven business intelligence tools, and array of software services and apps, can convert unrelated and raw data into visually immersive, actionable, and interactive insights and information. Our secure content dashboards and reports will make it easy for you to understand and analyse data, supporting you in your decision making.

The insights collected from employee treatment outcomes and mental health audits can be used to guide policies and procedures to mitigate risks and optimise working conditions based on your unique requirements. Our mental health consultants are here to walk you through the data, explaining in detail the state of wellbeing in your workforce. Furthermore, they will make tailored recommendations for the health of your business and your people.

Clinical data
Tailored and easy-to-digest reporting, offering you the insights and population analytics you need to drive positive change within your business. Insights include trends in key presenting mental health issues, progress and outcome measures.
Workforce audits
Our organisational audits provide a customised workforce survey and review, ranging from quick temperature checks of organisational wellbeing to detailed screening of current staff mental health.
Integrated service lines
We work in partnership with your PMI, GIP, EAP, and OH providers, as well as creating new direct pathways which gives you a unique and consistent view of the mental wellbeing of your workforce through data driven reports.
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