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A key question for today’s business leaders is, how to build a happy, resilient and inclusive company culture? The answer is in a comprehensive and clinically informed workplace mental health policy.

At a time when more workers are prioritising a supportive and engaging work environment that helps employees thrive personally and professionally, it has never been more urgent for organisations to champion mental health initiatives and policies in their workplace.

Review, recommend, report

We care about your people and your future. If you are a business of 20 or 20,000 individuals, having a workplace mental health policy is best practice. We conduct an independent audit for clients who want to get employees’ mental well-being right. Clinicians will then present tailored recommendations, guidance and a meaningful, relevant and clinically informed strategy. 

Our mental health consultants specialise in creating workplace mental health policies that promote and protect all employees’ mental health and well-being. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to what a policy should include, so we’re here to guide you every step of the way –  from consultancy to training and reporting. 

Onebright mental health

One in four people will experience a mental health problem

Whether it is a short or long-term mental condition, having strategies in place to support employee mental well-being can have far-reaching benefits in reducing the symptoms of individuals who may be depressed, anxious, or experiencing grief from loss. 

Neuroinclusion is a form of diversity in the workplace that can provide business benefits from featuring it in your workplace policy. Attracting and retaining neurodiverse talent requires a business commitment that is dedicated to creating a work environment that accommodates everyone.

ROI 5-6x return on investment in training
High volume 350+ training sessions delivered every year
High rating 97% of participants rated their facilitator 4.5/5

The Onebright difference

"Some employees told me they were diagnosed with ADHD, and I wanted to ensure our organisation was properly accommodating them. Onebright gave us practical, expert advice on how we could do this."
- HR Officer

Frequently Asked Question About Mental Health Policies

An inclusive mental health policy requires guidance from a nationally recognised mental health consultant who can help put forth a written document on how a business approaches mental health.

Developing a mental health policy is a complex and ongoing process that requires the engagement of stakeholders, ongoing monitoring and evaluation, and a commitment to improving the livelihoods of individuals in the workplace.
A business’ mental health policy should include a set of guidelines and strategies that address the mental health needs of employees in its workplace.

Key elements will address: access to mental health resources, training and support and confidentiality and privacy. Each policy is tailored to the business implementing it and considers the individual needs of its workers.
A mental health policy can promote positive mental health in the workplace by creating a supportive environment that reduces stigma, raises awareness, and encourages employees to seek help if needed.
A policy will help you think strategically and act where it counts. It helps businesses to lead from the top by managing risks and creating authentic organisational change.
Inclusive environments promote acceptance and respect for diversity, which can help reduce stigma and discrimination towards individuals with mental health conditions. This can make it easier for individuals to seek help and support when needed, improving mental health outcomes.
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