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We believe our clients deserve the best possible support

Personal injury can have a dramatic impact for the person affected and for family members and loved ones. We are passionate in our belief that our clients deserve the best possible support available. We promise to provide our multi- award-winning psychological rehabilitation service for every injured person we are asked to support. We’ll ensure the highest possible standards of care to help every individual achieve the quickest and best possible recovery, returning them to health and remaining in or returning to work. We have a carefully managed nationwide network of 2000+ expert clinicians from a wide range of disciplines who have been selected for their commitment to the highest standards of delivery and outcomes.

Results for you and your clients

Every year, our network of experienced clinicians around the UK help over 30,000 people that need mental health support following an accident or injury. We have a proven track record of working with insurers and lawyers to support their clients. This includes getting your client access to the best and most appropriate treatment fast. We also provide goal-focused plans that makes sure treatment stays on track.

We utilise digital health technology combined with clinical expertise to achieve a seamless service including triage, assessment, and effective psychological therapy. Our service is exceptionally efficient and is utilised extensively throughout the legal profession, insurance sector and employers all interested in achieving the best possible outcome for the for the injured person.

We’ll provide accessibility and choice of treatment delivery to ensure every individual is engaged in their rehabilitation programme. If travel to a clinic is difficult, we’ll offer digital health technology including secure video therapy and online therapy to ensure progress is not disrupted.

Onebright mental health

Why choose Onebright

Dedicated case manager

A dedicated case management team to provide you with the data and information you need

Digital innovation

Seamless integration and reporting delivered through industry leading technology supporting insurers and lawyers to get their client’s the right treatment and support following trauma

Providing immediate access to a wide network of expert clinicians

Fast access to focused mental health support with a clear treatment plan following NICE guidelines recommendations

Diverse evidence-based therapies

Offering choice and flexibility of how treatment is provided (face to face, telephone, and online psychological therapies) and covering all modalities of CBT, counselling and EMDR
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