Our vision & values

We think everyone should have the chance to access high quality and accessible mental health support when and where they need it.

That’s why our vision is to become the world’s leading provider of life-changing mental healthcare. We’re driven by six core values which underpin our expertise and forward looking, compassionate approach to delivering mental health support at scale.

We are committed to quality care

We are clinical experts, committed to first class care, customer service and outstanding outcomes for people who need mental health support.

We have the courage to lead the way

Finding ways to support the mental health needs of thousands of people means doing things differently. We support our teams to have the freedom they need to be bold and innovative in how we deliver services.

We lead with integrity and compassion

Founded by clinicians, we are committed to a professional code of ethics, and are trusted by individuals and companies alike to help people live brighter lives.

We support each other

We are a strong team. We pull together, using our expertise to prioritise the well-being of our 300 staff members as we know it is so important.

We are curious

We are always learning, asking challenging questions and sharing our knowledge to continuously improve ourselves and help the people we support get better.

We bring hope

What we do changes lives for the better – and we can prove it.
Clinicial excellence and impact

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