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Helping your members feel brighter

We support 30,000 members of private medical insurers a year with everything from CBT for anxiety and depression, to psychiatric assessments for severe mental health problems.

You can trust our in-house team to match your member to one of our experienced clinicians. Together, we will provide high quality comprehensive, compassionate care, quickly and efficiently.

Onebright Mental Health

Simple and fast member journey

Here at Onebright, we provide members of private medical insurers with immediate access to a case manager and rapid assessment via our cutting-edge technology platform.

Our advanced matching technology, clinical governance and service insights work by collecting, using, and analysing data to support the care of individuals. We can also offer specialist support for children and young people, neurodiversity, those affected by cancer and individuals experiencing gender dysphoria or issues with addiction.

Onebright mental health
Digital innovation
We are investing in technology, artificial intelligence and data science to create highly personalised, on-demand services. From our virtual therapy room to online triage and personalised treatment matching, we are continually improving outcomes.
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Support at scale
The size of our world-class clinical network means we can offer scalable, responsive support from prevention through to therapeutic care. We match individuals to the right treatment and therapist, wherever and whenever they need it.
Our clinical network

Why choose Onebright

UK’s largest network

Access to the UK’s largest network of mental health professionals providing evidence based psychological therapies including CBT, counselling and EMDR both face to face and remote

Effective referral process

Providing a simple and efficient referral process

SLA management

Robust SLA’s and an experienced client management team

Unrivalled member experience

Peace of mind that your members will be matched to the right care first time, providing unrivalled member experience and clinical outcomes
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