Helping your members feel brighter

We support 20,000 members of private medical insurers a year with everything from CBT for anxiety and depression, to psychiatric assessments for severe mental health problems. You can trust our in-house team to match your member to one of our experienced clinicians. Together, we will provide high quality comprehensive, compassionate care, quickly and efficiently.

  • Simple and fast member journey – providing immediate access to a case manager and rapid assessment.  
  • Market-leading, data-driven clinical governance and service insights.
  • Specialist support for children and young people, those affected by cancer and individuals experiencing gender dysphoria or issues with addiction.

What we offer


We offer rapid access to thorough assessment to match your members to the right therapist and treatment for them, when, where and how they need it. This is possible thanks to the scale of our extensive network of clinicians
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Diverse therapies

We provide access to a wide choice of evidence-based therapies from accredited clinicians, including CBT, psychotherapy, EMDR, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and psychiatric support, delivered online and face to face.
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Awareness-raising training

Our portfolio of over 80 training modules are delivered by seasoned clinicians and academics cover everything from the importance of sleep, to the impact of Covid-19 on mental health. We also offer expert line manager mental health awareness training.
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Together, we can identity a plan to support your team’s mental health. It could start with a strategic review of your workforce wellbeing, tailored to reflect your organisation and sector.
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Other benefits

Dedicated case manager

Your member gets immediate access to a dedicated case manager who will help instill hope and support their journey to feeling better.

Personal matching

Following a rigorous assessment process, our team will match your member to one of our world class clinicians, based on clinical need and member choice.

Digital innovation

As the mental health needs of the global population grows, Onebright is investing in cutting edge digital technology, data science and artificial intelligence to improve outcomes for all.

Rigorous data

Our confidential, regular, easy to digest reports present trend analysis for future service development, corporate customer reporting and market-leading insights.

Outstanding outcomes for PMI providers

recovery rate (exceeds 51% NHS recovery benchmark)
felt the therapist listened to them and treated their concerns seriously
felt involved in making choices about their treatment and care
"I feel very lucky to have access to this service. I felt like my issues were dealt with quickly (in terms of the speed of allocating a therapist to me), and I was allocated a great therapist."
Female 30 (anxiety, depression)
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