Supporting you and your staff's mental health

Did you know that poor mental health collectively costs UK employers up to £45 billion each year?

Whether you represent a small company or large corporate employer, we can provide your employees with targeted mental health support. This will equip them with the skills and awareness they need to tackle mental health problems and help to create a positive working environment. It can help you to reduce absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover.

  • A safe pair of hands, providing fast access to mental health support using evidence-based treatments, a dedicated case manager and tools to track progress.
  • Clinicians you can trust to provide tailored mental health support your employees need to return to work, plus specialist mental health training for managers.
  • Access to regular data showing trends in key presenting mental health issues, progress and outcomes.

Women Don't Trust Their Employer with Mental Health, Study Finds
What we offer

Awareness-raising training

As an employee mental health specialist, our portfolio of over 80 training modules are delivered by seasoned clinicians and academics. They cover everything from the impact of Covid-19 on wellbeing to mental health awareness training for line managers.
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We offer rapid access to thorough assessment to match your employees to the right therapist and treatment for them, when, where and how they need it. This is possible thanks to the scale of our extensive network of clinicians.
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Together, we can identify a plan to support your team’s mental health. It could start with a strategic review of your workforce's wellbeing, tailored to reflect your organisation and sector.
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Diverse therapies

We provide access to a wide choice of evidence-based therapies from accredited clinicians, including CBT, psychotherapy, EMDR and psychiatric support, delivered online and face to face.
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A healthier and happier workforce

Our unique corporate service helps your employees lead healthier, happier lives. Our evidence-based initiatives are designed to support every person and every workforce.

This offering is delivered with a return to work and performance focus in mind. Our services are robust, clinically-governed and evidence-based.

We aim to have a positive impact on companies by supporting all types of mental health. We believe in helping individuals and businesses focus on being the best version of themselves, creating tailored plans to support your people with their mental wellbeing.

Why choose Onebright as your employee mental health specialists

Dedicated case manager

Your employees get immediate access to a dedicated case manager who will help instill hope and support their journey to feeling better.

Personal matching

Following a rigorous assessment process, our team will match your employees to one of the world class clinicians, based on clinical need and employee choice.

Digital innovation

As the mental health needs of the global population grows, Onebright is investing in cutting edge digital technology, data science and artificial intelligence to improve outcomes for all.

Rigorous data

You’ll receive a clinical summary report following assessment and regular treatment updates. Our service insight reports, highlighting everything from common presenting problems to average number of sessions, help you better support your team.

Outstanding outcomes for employers

recovery rate (exceeds 51% NHS recovery benchmark)
felt they got the help that mattered to them
had confidence in their therapist and their skills and techniques
We work with great clients
From big multinationals and large insurance providers, to small companies and individuals, we are trusted to work with a wide range of people and organisations to improve mental health.
"The experience I was given and support was out of this world. I cannot thank Vera Armer enough for all her help and support throughout my sessions. This lady has helped me so much."
Male, 55

Good to know

NICE and Public Health England’s guideline on Mental Wellbeing at Work covers how to create the right conditions to support mental wellbeing at work through an environment and culture of participation, equality, safety and fairness in the workplace based on open communication.
First and foremost, be kind and gentle to yourself. Some employers may accept what you say without asking for more information. But, because mental health problems aren't visible, it may be hard to explain your situation to your employer. It is helpful to have a note from your doctor or another professional to explain what your mental illness is, how it may affect your ability to work and what adjustments can be made that will help you manage your work.
If you want to have a conversation with an employee about their health, do it on your terms, when work is going well and no one is in an emotional state. You might make yourself more vulnerable with those you trust, but being able to difficult conversations about mental health can help to dispel myths and reduce stigma. Talking about mental health, just as one would talk about physical health, sends a powerful message that it’s OK to get help.
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