What is addiction?

Addiction is the compulsive dependence on a substance or behaviour. An example of substance is alcohol or drugs. An example of behaviour is technology use or gambling. These addictions can cause difficulties at work and stop people from being able to function fully in their daily life. 

Signs of addiction

Signs that a behaviour or substance use is moving towards dependence or addiction and where a person may need help include:

  • Needing the substance or behaviour more and more to get the desired effect
  • Having unpleasant ‘withdrawal’ symptoms from the substance or behaviour
  • Finding it hard to cut down on or control the substance or behaviour
  • Life increasingly revolving around the addiction – being preoccupied with planning, engaging in and recovering from the substance or behaviour
  • Consequences and impact can be relationships and work suffering

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How we can support your employee/member

Our support can allow people with addictions to rediscover a healthier and addiction-free life and can be combined with medical interventions where clinically appropriate. 

Psychological therapies including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and addictions counselling can be an effective way to work on the thoughts and behaviour patterns that contribute to addictive behaviours. It can help people: 

  • Recognise and change associated or unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours 
  • Learn new ways of responding to stress 
  • Develop tools and techniques to manage and cope with relationships, life events and challenges  

Supporting an employee with mental health issues

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