Receive Online CBT For Your Mental Health During COVID-19

cbt for anxiety online therapy

The coronavirus information overload is enough to make anyone feel stressed and anxious about the pandemic, and it can heighten emotions for those who already struggle with a mental health condition.

If you do find your stress and anxiety levels increasing, or depression symptoms worsening as a result of this outbreak, its essential to know that you are not alone. These emotions are expected at uncertain, confusing times like these.

We want you to know that whether you are working from home, avoiding going out or have contracted the virus yourself, we are here to help you through it. We can help you understand and manage these emotions with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

CBT is a way of helping you to cope with stress, disorders and emotional problems by looking at the connection between how you think, feel and behave. Understanding your triggers and changing the way you respond to worry is fundamental to this type of therapy.

We offer CBT via our online programme, self-guided therapy, allowing yourself and business employees to access help wherever they may be.

Our online therapy is essentially face to face but carried out via digital channels such as Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. These sessions can also be on the phone if your employees would prefer. Both forms of therapy can be obtained quickly with support from a CBT therapist. 

Remote therapy will be suitable for your employee if they prefer a clinical face-to-face’ approach. 

Our self-guided therapy is on a platform known as SilverCloud, which you and business employees using the therapy can access from anywhere. You will work through a series of topics selected by our therapists based on your needs. The course is designed to be completed in your own time and at our own pace.

To assist with the online elements, you and your employees will also have access to a CBT therapist, where they can review your progress and offer feedback. These sessions can be over the phone, Skype or by email.

The self-guided therapy programme comes with a free initial assessment, including access to a therapist assistance for 6.5hrs of online therapy and advice.

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