CBT with Multi-Channel Choice for GPs

The launch of the General Practitioner Health Programme

Practitioner Healthcare Programme (PHP) and Onebright are delighted to launch their joint service for the new national England-wide NHS General Practitioner Health (GPH) service. 

Onebright and PHP have worked together for 6 years in the Greater London area to treat NHS dentists, hospital doctors and GP’s requiring psychological therapies and are now extending their partnership to encompass all GPs England-wide.

GPs who are unable to access confidential care through mainstream NHS routes due to the nature of their role and/or health condition will be able to access a range of options for clients that follow NICE guidance for evidence-based treatments.

The multi-channel care reflects the best in mental health provision and recognizes the need to provide choice to its GP Clients. This includes remote delivery of therapies as well as face to face appointments. The remote models have been designed with GPs in mind understanding that they require consistently high-quality therapy delivered by accredited senior therapists together with anonymity and schedule flexibility.  Clients will be offered the chance to receive therapy over the telephone, Skype and with a therapist-supported programme with the gold standard SilverCloud software platform.

Efficacy CBT GPH“Our experience of GPs suffering with mental health problems is that being treated in a confidential service is important to manage their access to therapy and engagement in a much-needed treatment,” explains Lee Grant (Clinical Director at Onebright). “We are honoured to work with such a critical group of people and look forward to supporting these clients back to health, and back to work.”

GPH CBT for GPsOur England-wide service is extremely important in understanding the human side to GPs by recognising that sometimes they do become unwell,” says Lucy Warner (CEO of PHP). Providing our GP clients, a high-quality range of treatment options, both remote and face-to-face reflects modern clinical practice in mental health and supports our goal of delivering accessible and confidential services”.

The GPH Programme service is a self-referral service only and can offer support to any GP or GP trainee who is registered on the National Performers List in England or who is looking to return to clinical practice after a period of absence and has mental health or addiction concerns.

For more information on PHP contact Lynne Simpson (NHS PRACTITIONER HEALTH PROGRAMME) lynne.simpson5@nhs.net NHS Practitioner Health programme see: www.php.nhs.uk

Notes to Editors:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based short-term psychological treatment for mental health disorders.  CBT is fundamentally based on two principles: that thoughts and beliefs are connected to behaviour, moods, physical experiences and life events; and that the perception of an event affects emotional, behavioural and physiological responses to that event.

Clinical research has shown CBT to be a highly effective form of treatment for mental health conditions.  CBT is recommended by the NICE Clinical Guidelines as the treatment of choice for Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. NICE also recommends CBT as a treatment for Chronic Fatigue and Low Back Pain.

Onebright is the UK’s leading independent Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Service. It provides therapy, training and consultancy to individuals, groups and organisations.   Onebright is a team of 400+ highly qualified and experienced BABCP accredited CBT therapists (which is the gold standard for CBT). Onebright was started in 2003 by Lee Grant who remains as the Clinical Director today.

Onebright is open 6 days a week from 8 am – 8 pm.  London CBT Clinics are located in Cornhill, Victoria, Sevenoaks and Canary Wharf. 340+ Nationwide CBT Clinics across the UK.

✔ 400+ gold standard accredited therapists nationwide

✔ Evidence-based practice with high standards of clinical governance and care

✔ 98% of our clients would recommend us

✔ 34% of work-related clients

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