Shamira Graham and Louise Martindill attends the Unum 2020 Event on Corporate Social Responsibility

Onebright, a large psychological therapy provider based in London who specialise in providing care for individuals and organisations were excited to be invited to the Houses of Commons to attend Unum 2020 launch for Corporate Social Responsibility. The event was a chance to hear and share insightful stories about making changes and #doingtherightthing.

Unum is a leading employee benefits provider offering financial protection through the workplace. Their coverage provides their customers with access to medical and vocational rehabilitation expertise designed to help people stay in work and return to work following illness and injury.

Onebright is proud to have partnered with Unum for the past eight years. This collaboration has connected BABCP accredited therapists and HCPC Neuropsychologists who provide evidence-based psychological assessment and treatment, getting countless people back to health and work. 

“I am honored to have been invited to witnessed the great work Unum are doing in CSR” said Shamira Graham.

The event at the Houses of Commons was hosted by Unum, Onebright were guests of Paula Coffey and Beth Husted and focused on the different ways businesses and corporations can create an environment that is more socially responsible.

Also in attendance; were several notable Members of Parliament, including Sir Paul Beresford, Maria Miller and Mims Davies. 

Unum’s vision for the future, as stated on their website, consists of “positively contributing to making a difference to the communities in which we work and operate in across the UK. [They] also partner with charities and voluntary organisations in an effort to make our communities stronger, thriving places to live and work.”

Mental Health is amongst the leading causes of sickness absence in the UK; with a reported 15.4 million days lost to work related stress, depression or anxiety in 2017/18 according to a Labour Force Survey.




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