NHS Offers Free Counselling To Mental Health Carers To Get Over Brexit

An NHS trust has offered staff free counselling to help them cope with the Brexit result. District nurses and carers providing community and mental health services in South East London and Kent have been told they can take the sessions to manage their concerns about the referendum.

The district made the following statement: ‘We want to take this opportunity to reassure you that we value every member of staff equally, regardless of nationality. We are committed to ensuring that all members of staff are treated with dignity and respect wherever they work, free from undue stress and anxiety.’

Ukip MEP Jane Collins said the decision to offer to counsel was ‘an insult to democracy and an insult to people who expect their NHS to deliver healthcare for sick people, not those having referendum-related tantrums’.

Last year, Stephen Firn, who was at the time chief executive of Oxleas NHS trust, joined with nine other London health trust bosses to warn against cuts to mental health funding.

A spokesman said last night: ‘It is widely reported that many EU citizens currently working in the UK are feeling unwelcome and unsure about their future. Also, as reported yesterday in the Health Service Journal, advice from Prof Sir Bruce Keogh is that the NHS does all it can to make EU staff feel welcome.

Words By John Stevens

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