Onebright place pioneering digital platform to support NHS GP professionals.

Working from home and looking after your mental health

Leading CBT providers Onebright, have been using an innovative, digital mental health platform, SilverCloud to support their work with NHS GPs, who use the GP Health Service.

Established by general practice leader, Dr Clare Gerada and Lucy Warner in 2013, The GP Health Service aims to help doctors suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation or addiction. As a client of Onebright’s, The GP Health Service now uses the SilverCloud platform, which enables GPs to access mental health and wellbeing programmes conveniently.

The SilverCloud platform is a digital service that provides behavioural healthcare for a wide range of mental health and wellbeing issues. Due to the long hours GPs often undertake, the SilverCloud platform offers a service that fits into their busy schedule.

The platform allows for customisation and bespoke treatment, meaning clients can access content specifically tailored for their needs. Patients can turn on their modules as clinically indicated at triage then modify as their therapy progresses.

Discussing the success Onebright has experienced with the GPs they work with, the organisation’s founder and Clinical Director, Lee Grant said “A busy GP, working 8am to 8pm with a family at home might not be able to make a face-to-face therapy session. The SilverCloud platform makes it possible for them to access the service; and the great thing is that we have found it to be as effective as one-to-one therapy.”

Mr Grant went on to state “When we asked one of our patients why that was, they said it was because they could access their programme when they needed to. Therapy is not just what happens ‘in therapy’ but the structure around it; and that is very explicit with SilverCloud.”

As an organisation solely made up of BABCP-accredited therapists, Onebright pride themselves on their exceptional recovery rates. Results from a recent clinical study showed them to have an 87 percent recovery rate for people who completed therapy with them.

In addition to providing their CBT services to The GP Health Service, Onebright also caters to the needs of the NHS Practitioner Health Programme, which has been offering support to hospital doctors since its inception in 2008.

The latest NHS Staff Survey showed that two in five (39.8%) of NHS staff in England have reported that they felt unwell at least once in the past year from the stress of their job (the highest figure for five years). Onebright believes that this worrying statistic proves that there has never been a more critical time for healthcare professionals to be able to access the mental health support they so desperately need. This is why, for Onebright, the SilverCloud platform is an invaluable resource.

Supporting Onebright’s use of the SilverCloud platform, Head of Europe, Lloyd Humphreys, for SilverCloud Health said “Onebright is a quite exceptional service that gets remarkable results. It is, therefore, an achievement that they have decided to use our platform to offer digital programmes to clinicians who need them.”

Mr Humphreys continued “Along with a host of other initiatives being delivered by the NHS, Onebright’s use of the SilverCloud platform will make sure that timely and effective support is provided for doctors using the GP Health Service. The impact of protecting the workforce is wide-ranging and SilverCloud is proud to support any initiative that does just that.

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