Onebright’s impressive 86% recovery rate opens discussion on quality mental health care.

Results from a recent survey conducted by Onrbight’s Director of Clinical and Business Operations, Shamira Graham, unveiled that leading CBT provider; Onebright achieves an astonishing 86 per cent recovery rate for people who complete their therapy services.

As an organisation made up of a dedicated team of BABCP accredited CBT therapists, this news opens up a valid discussion on the importance of high-quality mental health care.

With approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK experiencing a mental health issue every year, Onebright believes that more people should invest in quality, evidence-based mental health care. Understandably, many factors prevent individuals from seeking the care they need, but for Onebright, they feel accessibility should never be one of those reasons.

With their HQ is in London, Onebright has multiple locations across the UK, meaning that patients can access BABCP accredited therapists, regardless of their location in country.

The topic of accessible, quality mental health care is something Onebright are incredibly passionate about. With waiting times for consultant-led mental health services with the NHS reaching a maximum of 18 weeks, Onebright believe that quick access and fast action is what is needed to address common mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

This is why, Onebright guarantee a fast service to all of their patients, with individuals typically starting their CBT sessions within two weeks of their initial booking. This impressive turnaround time is just one of the reasons why the organisation boasts an 86 per cent recovery rate.

Onebright  tailors their CBT treatment plans to fit the requirements and lifestyle of their patients and offer a wide range of remote therapy options to ensure the continuation of therapy. The organisation also provides online therapy options in addition to couples and face to face therapy.

Discussing their commitment to delivering quality mental health care, Onebright’s Clinical Director Lee Grant says “We use technology to make sure that every client is receiving disorder specific formulation driven CBT. High levels of governance ensures that we can prevent ‘therapeutic drift’ and everyone is supported – therapists and clients – to get the best out of the therapy.  Knowing what works for one person and not the other helps us to focus the mind – and keep us busy.”

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