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  • No long wait times to see a therapist 
  • No travel necessary or waiting rooms  
  • Flexibility to schedule a therapist around your lifestyle
  • Simple booking system to get started
  • No referral is needed from a GP 

If you’ve been considering therapy or putting off seeking help because of long wait times, it is time to take control of your mental health. 

Today, it is easier than ever to access quality, BABCP-accredited CBT therapists from the comfort of your home at an affordable price.   

With no long wait times, you can call us today and schedule your first appointment. 


The Treatment of Choice 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has been successful in treating conditions such as:  

  • Intrusive thoughts
  • Anxiety (GAD)
  • Depression 
  • PTSD
  • Childhood trauma 


You don’t need to go through challenges on your own. Talk therapy has been proven to alter negative patterns of thinking and behaviour that are contributing to emotional distress. Talk to Onebright about booking your first CBT therapy session today.


Are you looking for? 

  • CBT therapists 
  • Qualified clinical experts 
  • Quality mental healthcare
  • Private, rapid treatment
  • Compassionate support
  • Trusted UK company


Onebright is a leading mental health company and provider of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), supporting over 60,000 people a year with their mental health.

Therapy can be used in the treatment of various mental health problems and emotional issues,, including depression, anxiety and work-related stress.

Simply complete the form below and we’ll contact you to talk through why you feel you need support. We will listen to you and immediately find an appointment with the right therapist for you, at a time and day that is convenient for you.

Our therapy services cost £115 per session, which will give you access to your own highly experienced and accredited therapist and support from our client liaison team throughout your therapy journey.

To get started call us on 020 8175 4908. Our team is available between 9am – 5pm weekdays (excluding bank holidays).

"If there was a rating of 11, I would have given it. My therapist is brilliant at what she does, I was helped to totally change my outlook on my issue and the consequences. It has helped me tremendously. Thank you for the provided help."
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Onebright client liaison are available Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm (excluding bank holidays).
You must be aged 18 years or above to access our therapy services.

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