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Autism assessment covered by Bupa

With our Autism assessments covered by Bupa, we can offer you and/or your child the highest quality assessments and support, ensuring that your journey towards understanding and managing autism is seamless and well supported.

Explore how our Bupa autism assessments provide a pathway to accurate diagnosis, thoughtful treatment plans, and ongoing support.

For adults
Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can affect everyone differently. For many people, getting a formal autism diagnosis as an adult means you can move forward with confidence, knowing you can access the expert support you need to thrive.
For children
Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can affect each child differently. The right diagnosis means your family can move forward with confidence, knowing your child can access the expert support they need to thrive.

How a Onebright autism assessment works

Onebright’s specialist assessment team will need to understand your neurodevelopmental makeup and needs by conducting a thorough, expert assessment to ascertain if you are or are not autistic.

Step 1


If you’re worried that you may be autistic, our free screening process will give clarity and insight. It will be carried out by our psychology team, led by a consultant clinical psychologist. If the results are indicative of autism, we’ll recommend a diagnostic assessment to give a definitive answer.

Step 2

Information Gathering

Before we arrange your assessment, we ask someone who knows you well (ideally since you were young) to fill in a report form and an online screening questionnaire so we can understand more about you and how you were as a child. This is because neurodevelopmental conditions like autism are always with us, right from birth. A better understanding of your strengths and needs helps our clinical team with their assessment.

Step 3


The assessment is carried out by either a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist, who are experts in diagnosing autism in adults. During the appointment, we’ll carry out a thorough clinical interview, which will cover a range of issues relating to your experience, making sure you feel heard and understood. As autism can present in a similar way to other conditions, our job is to differentiate between those and autism itself, to give you an accurate opinion on your presentation. Once the assessment is complete, you’ll have time to ask questions about the outcome.

Step 4

Diagnostic report

Following the assessment, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report giving a full breakdown of the assessment and our findings. The outcome will be clear and easy to understand and will include our recommendations, plus helpful signposting for ongoing diagnostic support.

Step 5

Ongoing support

Following your autism assessment, whether an autism diagnosis is reached or not, our expert team will guide you on what support options are available to you at Psicon. These can include therapeutic support packages, provided by clinical and counselling psychologists within our wellbeing service.

"I was made to feel at ease straightaway. I came away feeling well informed and I now have a plan moving forwrad for my condition."
"An outstanding company. Are always willing to help with any questions, concerns or problems. I would recommend them to anyone."

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Yes, we can provide treatment for ADHD in the form of medication for clients who have been diagnosed and are deemed suitable for treatment,
This often depends upon how quickly we receive the pre-assessment information, but once received, we aim to provide an assessment appointment within four to six weeks.
During the assessment, your clinician will ask you and your child some questions about their strengths, needs, like and dislikes as ell as their development.
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