Enhanced PVG

Step 1 - Applying for your PVG

Welcome to Onebright’s new sponsoring service for obtaining an enhanced PVG through our partner organisation, Security Watchdog.

Email criminality@securitywatchdog.org.uk with the subject PVG for Onebright and provide the following:

Advise that you are applying via Onebright and to advise whether you are already a member of the PVG scheme and need an updated check.

Applicant email address

Scans or photos of an identity document and a proof of address document

Click here to view list of acceptable identification

Please note: You are unable to use the same document for ID and proof of address

Step 2 - Payment

Please call Security Watchdog on 01420 556006.

Request an application form and make payment for the check – let them know that you are applying through Onebright.

Please note: You are responsible for payment for your application.

Step 3 - Completing your application

You will receive a link via email to complete an application online and submit to Disclosure Scotland for processing.

Applications must be completed within 7 calendar days before the link expires.

Step 4 - Processing your PVG

Once they receive the relevant documents, they will verify your identity and your application will be processed.

You will be provided with a copy of the certificate and Onebright will be notified of completion.

You will then be able to share a copy of the certificate to demonstrate compliance with our safeguarding policy.