Mental Health in the Workplace

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Did you know that poor mental health collectively costs UK employers up to £45 billion each year?

  • In 2021, one in five employees reported that their employer had offered additional mental health services since the start of the pandemic – down from 35% the previous year.
  • On average, for every £1 spent supporting their worker’s mental health, employers get £5 back on their investment in reduced presenteeism, absenteeism and staff turnover.

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Looking after employees mental health

Mental health affects people in different ways, and at Onebright we understand that it is key to acknowledge and appreciate everyone’s experience.

Clinical expertise at scale combined with our technology means that we tailor support to each person’s needs and can provide the best possible care to create a brighter future for all.

We hope that this toolkit provides further insight into how you can offer better mental healthcare for your employees, regardless of who or where they are.

What we offer:

  • Training – portfolio of over 80 training modules delivered by clinicians and academics
  • Consultancy services – supporting senior leadership teams with mental health business strategy
  • Assessment – comprehensive assessment process to support tailored treatment
  • Treatment– dedicated case manager to support the people you look after.  Matching with experienced clinician delivering evidence based psychological services remotely or in person.
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A brighter approach to prevention

Our training and consultancy services help organisations to build a healthier workforce.