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Please read this Referral Form and our Agreement carefully before proceeding.

Our agreement is comprised of this Referral Form and our Terms and Conditions which can be found on our website here (“Agreement”). By signing this Referral Form you accept our Agreement on behalf of the Customer indicated in this Referral Form as a legally binding contract with the Supplier.

1. Definitions and interpretation

1.1 Defined terms in this Referral Form shall have the meaning given in our Terms and Conditions as applied by our Agreement and the rules of interpretation set out in our Terms and Conditions apply to this Referral Form. References to this Referral Form include its schedules, annexes and appendices (if any).

1.2 In this Referral Form:

1.2.1 Referring Party has the meaning given in step 2 of this Referral Form;
1.2.2 Terms and Conditions means the latest version of the document available here, as updated from time to time;
1.2.3 Special Terms means any terms set out in paragraph 4 of this Referral Form; and
1.2.4 Supplier means Onebright Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales whose registered number is 09507950 and whose registered office is at First Floor West Wing, Holgate Park Drive, York, United Kingdom, YO26 4GN.

1.3 The Special Terms shall vary and prevail over any conflicting terms in any other part of our Agreement, including any other part of this Referral Form.


2. Services

2.1 The Services to be provided are as set out in this valid Instruction.

2.2 The Charges for the Services are set out in the terms on our website.

2.3 The Services will start on the date this Referral Form is signed by you.

Litigation Pathway Referral

Please ensure all sections are completed and you enclose any previous medical reports or background information you may have.

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