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Onebright digital training

Onebright digital training is a gamified mental health training programme to enable business leaders and managers to develop life enhancing techniques, to support themselves and those they lead with daily life pressures at work and home.

The dynamic evidence-based training programme combines advanced 3D modelling with insight into human behaviour and psychology, allowing businesses to access a virtual world of mental health modules and topics. The digitally innovative programme has been built by Onebright’s leading clinical experts, developing content that focuses on mental health in the workplace. It is designed to integrate into a wider corporate mental health approach, providing a lifelike simulation environment for employees to learn by try and fail techniques in a safe space.

Onebright mental health

Training sessions

Our five foundation sessions focus on:

  1. The definition of mental health and mental health in the workplace
  2. Recognising the signs, symptoms, and triggers of common mental health conditions
  3. Having impactful conversations
  4. Supporting others and planning for success
  5. Signposting


As part of the training sessions, employees will complete various Q&A tests before moving on to engage in realistic scenario-based dialogues with our virtual employee, an avatar called Ellie.

The programme provides your employees with scores and feedback, including displaying the optimal answers and responses, meaning that users can improve as they play and track their progress.

Onebright Online Therapy
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How Onebright digital training can benefit your team

Mobile-first approach

This mobile-first approach allows employees to complete the flexible, bitesize simulations and interactive challenges on the go, whenever suits their busy schedules best

Evidence-based mental health training

Evidence-based mental health training delivered through a sophisticated gaming and simulation technology platform

Interactive and engaging

Combining behavioural and psychological insights to create interactive, high engaging learning experiences

Realistic scenarios that feel relevant

It will educate and empower your business leaders with the skills and information to offer better health and wellbeing practices
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