Digital Innovation

Building a global mental healthtech company

Investing in cutting edge digital technology is helping us make life brighter for the people we support. It is essential for our aim of meeting the mental health needs of thousands of people around the world. By using the latest technology, data science and artificial intelligence, we are building a global mental healthtech company.

A secure virtual therapy room

Meet your therapist in a safe, confidential and convenient space – our Onebright online therapy room. It offers the best possible remote therapy experience through video call. The platform includes a mood diary and the function to set goals, providing focus for your therapy sessions with everything in one place. It also contains guides on everything from managing anxiety to good nutrition, supporting you to feel better in between sessions.

A better match

Onebright is constantly improving the way we match an individual to one of our therapists and the right treatment for them. As our investment in technology and artificial intelligence grows, our matching and impact continues to improve.

Smart data
Get up-to-date information on who we are treating on your behalf, any time you want to. Our investment in integrated case management systems allows you to see data, such as the outcomes of treatment.

You’ll also get regular, easy-to-digest reports for your organisation, highlighting everything from common presenting problems to average number of sessions. This smart use of data helps you better support the teams you look after.
Get focused mental health support to help your colleagues or clients feel better. We use evidence-based tools to assess how people are when they first come into contact with us, compared to after treatment, or using our services.
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