Where Can I Find a Professional CBT Therapist in London and Near Me?

How to Find the Best Providers of CBT in London and UK

If you are searching for an accredited CBT therapist in London, you will find the UK’s largest network of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy clinicians and practitioners at Onebright. Every therapist offers pure CBT or incorporates behavioural therapy into their sessions with clients. 

Promoting brighter mental health support in London and the UK

Problems with stress, anxiety, and depression now affect over one in four people living and working in London every year. These mental health issues can be ongoing and might include common mental illnesses such as generalised anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, social anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, phobias, work-related stress, low self-esteem, and depression.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has been proven to deliver a fast and highly effective treatment, improving emotional well-being and promoting psychological resilience. It is often the preferred type of psychotherapy for treating anxiety and depression, and published research demonstrates that it works. 

As well as contributing to high levels of emotional distress for individuals living with any of these mental illnesses, there is a direct impact on professional responsibilities and family and personal relationships for people in London and across the UK.

The World Health Organisation recognised October 10th as World Mental Health Day in 2022 and encourages more people to have those sometimes difficult conversations surrounding mental health in their personal or work life. This year’s theme, ‘make mental health and well-being a priority for all a global priority’ provides employers, business leaders, and employees with an opportunity to re-kindle their efforts to protect and reduce the stigma surrounding those who are facing mental health challenges. 

What is the difference between CBT therapy and counselling? 

Many of our clients looking for a CBT therapist in London ask: what are the specialisms of an accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapy therapist versus a counsellor, and which would be suitable for their particular needs? 

While CBT therapists work together with their clients to change certain behaviours or thinking patterns, counselling is considered less directive. Counselling, also a form of talk therapy, entails listening, empathy and encouragement to help clients better understand themselves and find their own solutions to cope with their issues.

What qualifications should a professional CBT therapist have? 

Conversely, a BABCP-accredited CBT therapist, like those part of the clinical network at Onebright, is part of what many practising professionals, academic programs, and studies consider the ‘gold standard’ of psychotherapy. It follows an evidence-based approach, making it much easier to quantify its effectiveness. Clients are active in their treatment pathway; they won’t be sitting on a couch in silence, thinking. Instead, they will often be using pen and paper, working through exercises or debating perspectives, and finding proof for each one. The idea is to equip clients with a ‘toolkit’ of techniques they can take away and apply to any problem.

How do I choose a therapist in London? 

If you decide to explore private therapy, it’s a good idea to look for a therapist who is registered with a professional body. Finding a therapist in London who is certified to provide the best possible guidance for your situation will ensure you are in safe hands and can begin to live your best life. Onebright only offers certified and trained therapists to the highest possible standards. In a mostly unregulated industry, receiving the best specialist care for your mental health is our highest priority.

“Many mental health professionals, psychologists, and counsellors believe they can offer CBT skills and techniques. However, when people are struggling with an anxiety disorder or a depressive illness, they require a more disorder-specific formulation driven CBT – tried and tested protocol or process – that has been proven to get people better.” Tanya Woolf, Head of Psychological Services at Onebright

Why choose a Onebright CBT therapist? 

Several challenges facing those who are seeking mental healthcare include long wait times through the NHS, finding a professional therapist who can deal with the specialisms needed for a particular problem, as well as remote options that work for an individual who may have social anxiety or difficulty travelling around London to attend face-to-face therapy appointments. 

UK and London CBT Therapy Options

Onebright connects world-class CBT therapists who are part of a nationwide clinical network that includes London and the greater UK to people and businesses. With remote and in-person therapy services available, highly-rated and trusted therapy services are more accessible than ever. Get in touch with us to find a CBT therapist today. 

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