How to Find the Best Providers of CBT in London and Across the UK

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When seeking treatment for a mental illness, it is best not to take any chances when choosing a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, but instead, look for the best option with proven results. Onebright is one of the largest providers of CBT in London and the UK, with a network of specialist CBT therapists operating under an industry-leading clinical governance structure.

For some people, finding the right therapist can be a challenging experience. It is common to feel unsure about what type of therapy is best for you, what accreditations a therapist needs and whether they have the expertise to deal with your mental health.

However, a trusted CBT therapist can provide you with the support needed to bolster your psychological resilience and courage to help you manage your relationships and mental health for the rest of your life – so finding someone right for you is worth the time and effort.

Each therapist brings different training, experience, insights, and personality to the table. So, how can you access a world-class therapist who is suitable for your needs? 

We have highlighted essential things to consider when looking for the best providers of CBT in London and across the UK. 

What qualifications should my UK CBT Therapist hold?

We highly recommend you choose a therapist who holds BABCP accreditation. Unlike psychology, medicine or nursing, it is not a legal requirement to be state registered to practice as a psychotherapist (including CBT) either privately or within an institution. Being unregulated means finding the best CBT providers in the UK is essential. A therapist with BABCP accreditation (rather than just a membership) has chosen to meet industry-recognised standards and has undergone extensive training and supervision before taking you on as a client.

Furthermore, therapists who have been fully BABCP accredited for three years are only then permitted to go on and train other therapists, ensuring the quality and standards of the qualification are upheld. 

Even after finding a qualified CBT therapist, you should ensure that they fit your needs and make you feel comfortable. You should feel comfortable enough to ask questions, as this can be an excellent way to ensure the treatment pathway matches your desire. 

Some helpful questions you can ask before you begin CBT therapy include:

– How much experience do you have dealing with the challenges I am going through?

– What kinds of CBT skills have you found are the most effective with what I am dealing with?

– What is your speciality/area of expertise? 

– How many years have you practised CBT?

– Can I use private insurance to cover my sessions?

Should I request a therapist with many years of experience?

A therapist does not need decades of experience to be of help to you. Someone who got their certification 20 years ago and hasn’t kept up with the latest research and clinical innovations may not, for example, provide an equal service to someone who has access to a vast clinical network supported by clinical governance. 

Our clinical team includes Professor Marcantonio Spada, London South Bank University, who first theorised the concept of the ‘Covid Anxiety Syndrome’. His ground-breaking research, alongside Professor Ana Nikčević from Kingston University, has provided a deeper understanding of the long-term impact of the pandemic on mental health. 

The size of our network and the breadth of knowledge shared between each clinician ensures we can provide the best treatment options, whether you live in the UK or internationally.  

BABCP accredited therapists are also audited to ensure they maintain the highest standards of clinical practice, clinical supervision and continuing professional development. 

Does the provider you picked have online therapy options?

Online therapy can be a great, accessible resource. Online therapy can be beneficial if there aren’t therapists in your area and you want access to London-based, world-class therapy options while moving around or needing a level of flexibility.

Some online therapy platforms like Onebright’s Virtual Therapy Room allow our clients to no longer endure long wait times, uncomfortable commutes, and the costly travel expenses often related to accessing quality therapy.

Instead, they will benefit from having a trusted and fully registered therapist, with access to their treatment history in one easy-to-use, secure location, accessible from the comfort of their homes. 

The Onebright difference

Clinical excellence and strong clinical governance are non-negotiables when you are trusted by over 40,000 people each year, as Onebright is. Our clinical leadership brings together nearly 50 years of combined experience in mental health and a network of over 3,000 clinicians providing treatment in 49 languages. 

Whether you’re looking for quality mental health support for your business and employees, self, or a client, we can source help quickly from trusted professionals.

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