How Drawings on Social Media are Changing Perceptions

A recent article in the BBC discusses online comics for mental health and how they help to create personal conversations on the subject.

Online comics about mental health are helping to change the way we talk about these illnesses, according to illustrators. People are feeling isolated and struggling to find the right words to open up about their illness are finding support through drawings, according to artists who have seen their work go viral.

Artists such as Robot Hugs and the Awkward Yeti are receiving great responses for their work. “Pictures on social media are a lot more accessible”, Says Robot Hugs

“There’s a lot of writing out there about mental illness and how to support someone but it can be hard to ask someone to go to the labour of reading a lot of text. Everyone’s got 10 seconds to look at a comic.”

“Over and over people who have mental illness email me saying, ‘When I share this with people I’m telling them this is how you can help me.¬†It gives them another tool which can get them the support they need. ¬†Social media can play an important role in helping change the conversation.”

“It’s allowing us to tell and create our own stories about what mental illnesses feel like and how we need support. We don’t see accurate representations of mental illness in TV shows and movies all the time,” explains the artist.

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