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As we emerge from a 3-month lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, returning to work and dealing with other daily tasks may be a bit daunting.

More than two-thirds of adults in the UK (69%) report feeling somewhat or very worried about the effect COVID-19 is having on their life. The most common issues affecting wellbeing are worried about the future (63%) and feeling stressed or anxious (56%).

It is normal to feel a sense of unease and anxiety about post-lockdown life. Still, if you are finding it particularly challenging to deal with certain emotions you are experiencing, you may choose to get professional help.

Whether you were dealing with a mental health problem pre-pandemic or if you have been struggling to cope as a result of it, we want you to know that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can be a right choice of treatment for many conditions.

Since our inception in 2003, we have been committed to delivering a leading CBT service. Cognitive behavioural therapy looks at the connection between how you think, how you feel and how you behave, to help you cope with emotional problems.

Results from a clinical survey unveiled that we achieve an 87% recovery rate for people completing our therapy services, even those receiving online or remote therapy.

Through CBT therapy, you’ll learn new methods of coping and problem-solving which you can use for the rest of your life, and in particular in a post-lockdown world where the future remains unknown in many aspects.

At Onebright, we are committed to delivering a high quality, fast service where you don’t have to wait long before you can start to feel better. CBT appointments are available within 48 hours of enquiring, and we currently offer sessions online or remotely.

Our online and remote therapy services are ideal for individuals who would like to access professional help from the comfort of their own home, or for those who require a more flexible approach.

All our therapists share our values and vision and are all BABCP accredited. BABCP Accreditation is the highest gold standard that a CBT psychotherapist can achieve and some of our therapists hold positions with both with Onebright and senior posts in the NHS or other academic institutions.

Here are some questions you can ask when arranging an appointment with a CBT therapist:

  1. What is your background/ what are your qualifications?
  2. Are you BABCP accredited? (this is different from being a BACP or BABCP member)
  3. What type of therapy do you specialise in? (integrated or cognitive-hypnosis has no evidence-base of helping others)
  4. What can I expect from my sessions?
  5. How long is my therapy likely to last?
  6. What is your experience of working with this particular problem?

To access our CBT services directly, you can call our client services team on 020 3795 8718, who can discuss our online and remote therapy options with you.

If you choose to begin therapy with us, your allocated therapist will help you go through the problems that you want to address to develop a realistic path to recovery. However, if the self-guided therapy programme is more suitable for your needs, then you will work through this at your own time, with assisted calls from your therapist to measure progress.

However big or small your problem may seem, we can assure you that we have the utmost knowledge and experience to get you through it. Online and remote CBT can be used for a range of issues including; mild to moderate anxiety, financial worries, debilitating psychological disorders such as depression and PTSD, and also for couples. See a full list of conditions we treat.

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