Is anxiety dangerous?

The Dangers of anxiety explained

Anxiety can be very disabling and prevent us from living our lives as we would like.  We might avoid socialising or can just stop the usual activities of living our lives to the full.  Anxiety can also stop us from doing some everyday things things, like going to the shops.

We can avoid a relationship, or it can impact on the quality of the relationship if we are frequently reassurance seeking. Anxiety can prevent us from doing some things, and there are common themes across the anxiety disorders.  You can read about what are the main anxiety disorders here.

However, anxiety is not dangerous to us physically; it is the body’s natural threat response.

Danger of anxiety


You can see what anxiety can do to your body here.  When we are anxious our pulmonary, cardiac, endocrine, intestine, urinary, gastric, neurological systems are all working in perfect harmony – it just does not feeling like it – when we had the proverbial sabre-tooth tiger to fight or run away from.  There is an argument that increased blood pressure can cause problems from the stress reaction, but this has not been proven.  Stressed people do have more physical health concerns, but these are usually due to the lifestyle when living with anxiety – comfort eating, drinking, decreased activities, etc.  Ironically, these are usually the things we do to try to stop feeling anxious.

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