Pain Management

Are you Struggling with Chronic Pain Management?

CBT aims to improve the way that you manage and cope with your pain, rather than finding a biological solution to it. This approach is related to problem-solving and giving you control over your pain.  CBT helps to identify negative thinking patterns and to develop effective challenges.  With careful planning of tasks and daily activities and the use of relaxation training, CBT will enable you to take back control of your life, to do more, and to feel better.

What is Chronic Pain Management?

Chronic pain is pain that can’t be explained biologically, is persistent, and disrupts your life.  However, chronic pain is more than just a physical symptom: it may also cause depression, fatigue, and irritability.  It can even interfere with work, relationships, and daily living. All this can be helped with CBT Therapy.

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When to seek treatment for Pain Management

You should consider treatment for your Chronic Pain when:
Your pain has lasted for more than six months
The pain is a result of an injury that should have healed
The pain is worse when you are stressed or angry
You feel hopeless when you’re in pain
Your pain medication isn’t effective, even at its maximum dose
You can’t sleep due to the pain
The pain is affecting your social life or relationships
You can’t work because of the pain
It’s harder for you to enjoy life than it was before your pain began
"My leg is still painful, and I cannot go to work, however, my therapist has helped me to understand my pain and notice how I react to things. I am happy that I have practical tools to help me to change my feelings and perspective."
Male, 31
"I feel my therapy appointments have helped me deal with this and the adaptations I need to make in order to accept my limitations and capabilities."
Female, 47
"The sessions have helped me to step back from the pain and anger of the accident and to just feel calmer and I feel that I am able to start to draw a line under it and move on."
Female, 36
"I feel relieved. I still have a little back pain but it is much better and no longer triggering emotions."
Male, 58
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What you need to know

Chronic pain can be difficult to treat, but a combination of psychological and physical therapies appears to provide significant benefits.

Physiotherapy, medication, acupuncture, local electrical stimulation and brain stimulation, as well as surgery, are some treatments for chronic pain. CBT, relaxation, biofeedback and behaviour modification are also employed as non-invasive routes to treat chronic pain.
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