Making the perfect match

Our comprehensive assessment process means we take the time to find out exactly what’s going on for everyone we support and tailor our treatment based on individual needs. Making that perfect match is at the heart of our offering, so it’s vital we get it right every time.

How it works

A highly qualified team of assessing clinicians are ready to meet with new service users quickly, online, via phone or face to face. They will conduct an initial clinical needs assessment and use this, combined with our innovative matching technology, to assess what treatment and clinician will provide the optimal level of support. Depending on the situation, we can also offer a range of more specialist assessment services.

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Assessment options

Clinical assessments range from a standard assessment to determine the appropriate treatment pathway, to more comprehensive sessions to define a full treatment plan, provide comprehensive reports, or more specialist psychiatric and neuropsychological evaluations.

Clinical needs assessment

Conducted over the phone or face-to-face with an experienced clinician. We use proven psychometric questioning to determine the best treatment pathway for the presenting condition.

Psychiatric assessment

A comprehensive assessment with the purpose of making a psychiatric diagnosis. The assessment includes social and biographical information, direct observations, and specific psychological tests.

Neuropsychological assessments

Conducted over several days, this assessment investigates a person’s history and background, and uses written and oral tests to determine the pattern of brain-related strengths and weaknesses.

Independent medical assessments

We provide expert independent psychiatric or occupational health assessments for individuals as required by employers, insurers or the courts.
Rapid assessment to help people access the right treatment, fast
43 specialist case managers overseeing quality of assessment
99% of those we support felt they had choices regarding treatment

The Onebright difference

With you every step of the way

From our first contact with every individual, our focus is on ensuring the right support is available when it’s needed. Once assessments have taken place, we appoint a dedicated case manager for every individual, who takes time to build relationships, seeking to understand the best way to help and provide support to everyone who engages with our services.


We offer personalised and on-demand mental healthcare, delivered online and in person.  We offer an extensive range of evidence-based therapies, including CBT, EMDR and psychiatric support.

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