Do All London CBT Therapists Need to Be Accredited?

London CBT Therapists

Before embarking on CBT therapy, many people will do their own online research to understand which recommended therapy type suits them and whether all London CBT therapists are registered mental healthcare professionals. It quickly becomes apparent that a nationally recognised accreditation is the best next step in getting the right help and mental health support. 

The terms ‘counselling’ and ‘therapy’ are often used interchangeably, but these two professions are recognised quite differently in the mental healthcare industry. In many talk therapies (including counselling, life coaching and well-being practitioners), obtaining accreditation is voluntary, and there is no legal requirement to be accredited or to hold an accredited certification.

Why is a BABCP-accredited therapist recommended?

Because of this, it is essential that clients who are looking for a therapist, whether a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT), a psychologist or an EMDR counsellor, understand if the person they are meeting has a clinical background (accredited through a recognised body such as BABCP for therapists or BACP for counselling) versus a person with a wellness background. 

Finding a therapist in London and the UK who is certified to provide the best possible assistance for your circumstances will ensure you are in safe hands and can begin to live your best life. Onebright looks into why asking if a CBT therapist is certified and trained to the highest UK standards is essential when seeking the recommended treatment for mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, stress and PTSD. 

 Elizabeth Simon – Deputy Clinical Lead at Onebright, says,

“We only work with BABCP-accredited therapists because it is the gold standard of CBT in the UK. This ensures that CBT therapists are mental health professionals who are specifically trained in the theory and practice of CBT. Many mental health professionals, psychologists and counsellors believe they can offer CBT skills and techniques. However, when people are struggling with an anxiety disorder or a depressive illness, they require something more – something that is disorder-specific, formulation-driven CBT – tried and tested protocol or process proven to get people better.”

Why do people have CBT therapy?

In the UK, 10.4% of the population is taking medication for mental health treatment, while only 3% are receiving psychological therapy. CBT therapy is most commonly used to treat anxiety and depression but can be helpful for other mental and physical health problems. 

People choose CBT therapy to change thinking patterns and behaviours without needing prescription medication ​​because the skills learned during a course of CBT can enable them to maintain the progress made after the treatment ends.

What qualifications should a CBT therapist have in the UK?

While many privately-funded therapists at Onebright also hold managerial or senior positions in the public sector (NHS) and academic institutions, BABCP is the gold standard of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy certification in the UK. It can only be obtained after completing postgraduate studies and further core training. 

What is a BABCP accreditation?

Onebright therapists are guaranteed BABCP Accredited, which means they are part of 10,000 other therapists who are accredited by an institution specialising in psychotherapy for almost 50 years. To be accredited, every therapist must have applied and demonstrated that they meet high standards of training and experience in CBT.

 What is one of the most significant advantages of CBT therapy?

Unlike other talking treatments, CBT deals with current problems rather than focusing on issues from the individual’s past.

For some people, it can take decades of inner exploring to explain or gain the confidence to confront emotional imbalances or trauma-related disorders. Starting professional, clinically-led, and evidence-based treatment can make all the difference in genuinely understanding where thoughts, feelings and behaviours originate and to begin transforming those thought patterns.  

How can I find accredited London CBT therapists in the UK?

Onebright connects accredited face-to-face London CBT therapists and online CBT therapists in London. Through a vast clinical network of therapists with backgrounds from all walks of life, languages and specialisms, finding the right CBT London therapist has never been easier. 


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