Why Onebright Require Therapists to Hold a BABCP Accreditation

Living with high functioning anxiety

For the most part, the way we feel about and react to events is founded on how things are in the here and now. One of the discoveries of 20th Century psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy teases underlying assumptions we have about ourselves. Psychological therapies enable us to see how behaviours are not driven by what is in front of us, but by past experiences. Only then can we begin to understand the complexity of each individuals’ history, and from there, work to our full potential. We believe there is always a logic, and there is always a history.

Finding a therapist in the UK who is certified to provide the best possible assistance for your circumstances will ensure you are in safe hands and can begin to live your best life. At Onebright, we provide therapists who are all certified and trained to the highest possible standards. In a mostly unregulated industry, receiving specialist care for your mental health is our biggest priority.

Mental disorders are increasingly common in the UK, with one in eight adults receiving mental health treatment.(1) Staggeringly, 10.4% of the population are taking medication as treatment, while only 3% are receiving psychological therapy. (1) Of those seeking treatment, not all will be recommended a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. Our Therapists are guaranteed BABCP Accredited, which means they are part of 10,000 other therapists who are accredited by an institution that has been specialising in psychotherapy for almost 50 years. While many privately-funded therapists at Efficacy also hold managerial or senior positions in the public sector (NHS) and academic institutions, BABCP is the gold-standard of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy certification, and can only be obtained after completing postgraduate studies and core training. 

As someone who is looking for a therapist, you must insist your dedicated specialist is equipped with the tools to customise their services to your needs and understand that what may work for me may be different for you. Currently, in the UK, anyone can identify themselves and advertise services as a CBT Therapist, not even requiring a one day CBT workshop or ongoing CBT supervision. It is imperative that when you entrust your mental health to a medical professional, you get the best possible care from someone with adequate medical experience. 

Lee Grant, Onebright’s Clinical Directory says, “We only work with BABCP accredited therapists because it is the gold standard of CBT in the UK; ensuring that CBT therapists are mental health professional who are specifically trained in the theory and practice of CBT.  A lot of mental health professionals, psychologies or councilors believed that they can offer CBT skills and techniques.  However, when people are struggling with an anxiety disorder or a depressive illness they require something more, that is disorder specific formulation driven CBT – tried and tested protocol or process that are proven to get people better. “

It could take decades of inner-exploring to explain or gain the confidence to confront one’s emotional imbalances. Studies show, only 36% of men seeking help are referred to Psychological Therapies, leading to other forms of destructive self-prescribed dependencies for those who choose not to get professional advice. (2) However, by managing your emotional well-being, you can start to take control of what is important to you and acquire skills that will not only benefit your daily life but those around you too. Putting yourself in professional and qualified hands can make all the difference in understanding where our thoughts, feelings and behaviours originate. There is always a history, and with daily life going so fast, often we ignore the signs that could be holding us back. Sometimes, all we need is to invest a little time in ourselves to see reality a little more clearly. 

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(2) https://www.menshealthforum.org.uk/key-data-mental-health

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