Resilience Training for Employees

Workforce resilience

Onebright’s Resilience Training is clinically led by mental health clinicians, delivering evidence-based modules to large and small organisations. Our mental health training helps each employee understand what resilience is and how to gain resilience skills in order to have a healthy mentality and stay strong within themselves.

Resilience skills are much needed in today’s workforce, where stress, uncertainty and demanding workloads are common experiences.

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What is resilience training?

Resilience is the skills everyone uses to adapt and make it through tough times. The specific skills needed are unique to every individual and organisation, but the definition remains the same: the ability to recover from a setback.


Resilience training in the workplace can focus on areas such as: 

  • Overcoming interpersonal challenges
  • Managing emotions 
  • Coping with work-related stress
  • Improving communication skills
  • Successfully taking on new challenges
  • Guarding against burnout
  • Promoting Psychological Safety
  • Improving sleep and physical well-being

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Workforce resilience

While employers can not always control what happens or how much work there is to do, an organisation can develop core inner skills in their employees, making them more resilient and resourceful in those periods of high pressure.

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"You can't put a price on the value this training brings to our employees' lives. It not only helps them manage stress in the workplace, but many have told me that it helps in their personal lives as well."
Employer, 47

Resilience FAQ's

The good news is that resilience is an innate human capacity that can be learned and developed in anyone willing to understand their behaviours, thoughts, and actions. Our resilience training builds an adaptive mode of thinking which can be developed gradually, alongside techniques for improving one's initial response to something harmful or unwanted.
Resilience is essential in the workplace because these skills help employees develop a positive approach to life, making it possible for them to stay motivated in times of adversity and solve problems in the workplace.

Investing in resilience training translates directly into improved business performance. Resilience training gives employees the tools to sustain focus, energy and productivity.
Everyone can benefit from resilience training. Knowing what will work best for your team requires understanding the stresses they're under and the skills they already have to manage challenges. It also requires leadership teams to take an honest look at their goals for building resilience in the first place.
What we offer

Awareness-raising Training

Our portfolio of over 80 training modules are delivered by seasoned clinicians and academics. They cover everything from the impact of Covid-19 on wellbeing to mental health awareness training for line managers.
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We offer rapid access to thorough assessment to match your employees to the right therapist and treatment for them, when, where and how they need it. This is possible thanks to the scale of our extensive network of clinicians.
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Together, we can identify a plan to support your team’s mental health. It could start with a strategic review of your workforce's wellbeing, tailored to reflect your organisation and sector.
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Diverse therapies

Our diverse options of psychological services can be delivered in-person, over the phone, or remotely via our bespoke virtual therapy rooms, allowing you, or the people you support, greater choice and flexibility.
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