Online therapy shown to be as effective as face-to-face therapy sessions

Online Therapy Shown To Be As Effective As In-Person Sessions

Online therapy is a therapy service performed remotely through a video conferencing platform or website application. Although many Onebright therapists have been providing therapy online for over ten years, the pandemic accelerated the use of online therapy services within the UK, as lockdown and social distancing posed a challenge for face-to-face therapy to continue as normal.  

Remote therapy services have become increasingly available in recent decades, and presently, online therapy is the leader in telehealth services. The convenience of connecting to a therapist online is gaining popularity as an option, with new and existing clients opting to either continue or start online therapy sessions for its effectiveness, flexibility and affordability.

There is strong evidence that psychological therapy, particularly cognitive behaviour therapy, can be effectively delivered online to treat a range of mental health difficulties. From our experience of offering online therapy for over a decade, along with supporting studies, it is shown that online therapy provides an equally effective option for mental health support as face-to-face therapy with a clinician.

Online therapy is not just some passing trend that goes hand-in-hand with COVID-19 either. Online therapy services will likely continue to grow in popularity, even now that restrictions have lifted and people can resume in-office visits with their doctors and therapists. 

If you’re considering online therapy sessions, you may have questions about how they compare with traditional in-person sessions. Here are some things to consider.


Online therapy is an effective form of therapy and even has some benefits over in-person therapy, like being able to see a world-class therapist who isn’t local. Instead of driving to a therapist’s office for every session, you can simply log on to a website application from the comfort of home. Our online therapists have flexible scheduling, making it easier for you to fit a session into your day.

Online therapy is also helpful for people who struggle to access in-person treatment for one reason or another. They may have a disability, lack transportation, live too far away from a treatment location, travel in another country, or be unable to leave their house. Online therapy sessions make it possible for more people to receive the mental health treatment they need regardless of their circumstances.


Online therapy provides the same quality of care as in-person therapy, however not all clients will find that online therapy is suitable for them based on their personal circumstances. Whether you have a severe mental health disorder that requires more intensive care or you simply prefer to communicate in person, online therapy is not always the best option.

Still, online therapy offers a lot of benefits. Most importantly, it helps decrease stigma. Attending therapy from the comfort of home makes it much easier for people to feel more comfortable about reaching out. Studies show that online therapy is up to 7.8 times faster than face-to-face treatment, even if you book appointments for the same length. Not only does this make it easier for clients to complete therapy in a timely manner, but it also means that therapists can treat more clients in a day, meaning clients have to wait less time in between sessions. At Onebright, we are proud to share a recovery rate of 87% for online therapy in line with our face-to-face therapy success rate. (The industry average recovery rate is approx 52%).


Online therapy makes it easy to receive mental health treatment with the utmost privacy and discretion.  Psychological research has revealed that those coping with receiving a mental health diagnosis often don’t want to sit in a crowded waiting room. That’s where online therapy has a huge leg up on traditional therapy.

Although there is nothing to be ashamed of when seeking help for your mental health, many prefer to keep things quiet while working on their mental health.

Online Therapy with Onebright

Many people are moving past the concept of traditional therapy in a quiet office to flexible, efficient and affordable treatment options. As technology offers more opportunities to communicate and companies like Onebright continue to invest in digital innovation, people will have greater access to online therapy that’s convenient and efficient.

Online therapy (or virtual therapy) can be an effective supplement for busy periods in your life when you need the support of your therapist but travelling to a clinic is challenging.

Whichever method you feel most comfortable with, there are ways we can support you.

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