Self-guided therapy

Self-guided therapy; anytime, anyplace.

We know how difficult it can be to get a face-to-face therapy appointment these days. How impossible it can feel to squeeze in a visit in your already hectic schedule. No more. Start self-guided therapy on your terms.

How it works

Anytime. Anywhere. Our self-guided Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is flexible, allowing you to work through modules privately at your own pace. Need support? Reach out to your dedicated therapist and ask for advice and feedback.

  • A self-guided tool with videos, worksheets and activities
  • Digital programme suited to your needs
  • Mobile accessible at any given time

Is it right for me?

Firstly, you’ll complete an initial assessment with your therapist, who will determine whether self-guided CBT therapy is the right therapy method for you. If it is – then your therapist will provide you with the relevant modules on your personalised digital programme, which will include videos, exercises and materials specifically chosen to help you, relating to intervention tools.

You can complete the digital program entirely online, on your own or have the option to add online sessions with a therapist.

Are you ready to begin your journey to feeling better?

Our self-guided digital program currently boasts a recovery rate on par with our face-to-face therapy of 87%. This exceeds the industry standard recovery rate of 52%.

Self-guided CBT therapy may be right for you if:

You want affordable access to treatment (compared to face to face CBT therapy)
You want to get started quickly to help alleviate symptoms around your mental health
You want a solution built on proven effective CBT interventions allowing you to access remote therapy (from home, the office or on the move)
You are self-isolating due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Your busy schedule means that you would prefer to work at your own pace online

Conditions treated

CBT helps you cope with stress disorders, low mood, anxiety and emotional problems by looking at the connection between how you think, how you feel, and how you behave.

Our self-guided therapy is a digital course to help you manage mild to moderate cases of stress, anxiety and depression. You will work through a series of topics selected by a therapist to address specific needs.

"I prefer self-guided therapy to traditional therapy because I don't have to wait to ask questions and can do it in my own time, and when I need it most."
Male, 23
"Found tools, calls and information very useful. Great to be able to flex around my schedule."
Female, 30

Good to know

Not all disorders and emotional issues are right for self-guided treatment. To make sure it’s the right solution for you, at the right time, we’ll arrange for you to take an assessment. If the therapist thinks that another type of therapy is better for you, they will tell you how to access the services you need.

As with all our CBT therapy treatments, our digital programme has high governance and supervision levels that you would expect our BABCP accredited therapists to hold. This means you can be sure that your treatment will be effective and appropriate for you.
Our digital program is a 12-month commitment. The full cost of self-guided therapy can be found on our Fees page. Included in your program is 30min consultations with your therapist over the phone or email. Including in this cost is a total of 6.5hrs worth of sessions with a therapist and unlimited access to the digital programme which includes videos, worksheets and activities for you to complete in your own time, at your own pace.
To arrange self-guided therapy with a BABCP accredited CBT therapist’s support, please get in touch below. We will arrange for your initial assessment to take place within a matter of days and create your personalised access to the digital modules best suited to your mental health concerns.

How we deliver therapy

Online therapy

Our online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is conducted remotely via telephone or digital channels such as Zoom, Skype or Facetime with your dedicated therapist.

Face-to-face therapy

Meet your Cognitive Behavioural Therapist in person at a local clinic. We provide a private and safe environment suitable for those dealing with difficult psychological issues.

Self-guided therapy

This is a 12-month digital programme accessible from anywhere, at any time. Work through modules privately at your own pace and ask for advice from your therapist.
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