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5 tips on dealing with the worry surrounding Coronavirus

Off the wagon:
I get a real shock at the end of the third week when I get on the scales. I’d been so good for five days, then on the last two, a friend came to visit and I ate ice cream and cake. The result? Even though I ran/walked 76 miles that week and dieted for five of seven days, I haven’t lost an ounce. It highlights the main problem of calorie counting. It’s too easy to cheat. As we all know dieting is a head game.

‘The key is to reduce a sense of being deprived,’ says Tanya WoolfConsultant Counselling Psychologist at Onebright. ‘For some, it will be easier to have occasional treats. For others, with obsessive or addictive-type behaviours, it may feel easier to cut something out completely.

Tanya Woolf Our Clinical Director discussing the psychological implications of dieting and different responses depending on personality traits. Please look at our Eating disorders page.

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